Data Logger

Data logging and recording is a common measurement application. In its most basic form, data logging is the measuring and recording of physical or electrical parameters over a period of time. The data can be temperature, strain, displacement, flow, pressure, voltage, current, resistance, power, and many other parameters. A wide range of products can be categorized as data loggers, from basic devices that perform a single measurement to more complex devices that offer analysis functions and integrated displays. Many applications are more involved than just acquiring and recording signals, sometimes involving a combination of online analysis, offline analysis, display, report generation, and data sharing. HSSD offers a range of powerful data logger software tools for displaying, graphing and analyzing your data. Our data logger software is a web-based graphing and analysis software package that displays on all browsers.

Integration Logger

This is a comprehensive logger system.This system allows you to manage your data loggers. Usually organized environment for greater oversight of the factories it uses. The users have different access levels., All users can view the status of pollutants. System can be seen Pollutants at a specific regional. Industries are classified according to the system logger. System offer a full report on weather in different formats. The report includes AQI and PSI. This system can be used in pharmaceutical storage. This system uses very safe way to transfer data from the logger to server. The customer can be changed to this system according to your requirement.